Things to Do to Become a Five Tool Player
Every player wants to become one. Every scout hopes to find one. Every owner hopes to sign one. The five tool player is the player everybody wants to have. What is a five tool player? A five tool player is someone who can play 1.good defense, have well 2.above average speed, have a 3.well above average arm, 4.hit for average, and 5.hit for power. Everyday thousands of players strive to become better baseball players. There are few that eventually realize their goal but to get there they had to work hard and work right. So you ask yourself, how can I become a five tool player? Well it isn't easy but here is a breakdown of steps to get you going in the right path.
Fielding is like breathing, that’s why it is so important to get out there every day and take hundreds of ground balls or fly balls. Separate yourself from the pack and bring in an asset that can't be replaced.
One of the most important tools is throwing. Most of your potential for your throwing is pre determined. That doesn't mean you still can't better yourself. Even if you can't throw 90 mph why limit yourself and stop at 75. Work hard and strive to get to 85 and 90 mph. To help yourself you should throw long toss at least 3 times a week. We will incorporate this into our practice session.
Keeping your body healthy will determine how far you can make it in baseball. To keep your body healthy you should stretch before and after each workout. This will help you stay injury free and also become more flexible and more athletic.
Hitting for average is a very tough task to accomplish. To hit for average you need to have a good idea of the strike zone. You can't just go up there hacking. You have to know game situations and be a good student of the game. Go up to every at-bat with a good approach of what you are going to do.
Running is a big tool. It is also one of the hardest to create. You can't teach running but you can build it. You might not break records but you can become an above average speedster. Hitting for power isn't as hard as you think. If you have good mechanics and have good approach you can improve your power greatly.
Set your goals as high as possible and never be satisfied. Never let anyone tell you can't do something.
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